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iToysoldiers is a website for people who love miniature war games. No matter what game you play, iToysoldiers lets you record and share all your hobby activities whether you’re into the gaming, the modelling or building a narrative around your models.


Record your glorious victories and crushing defeats. Capture the details of your battles.


Tell your army’s story in words or with pictures using iToysoldiers blogs and galleries.


Earn renown and glory – along with achievements and badges for your wargaming exploits

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Know Your Enemy. Know Thy Self

Stats are cool. We have stats. Compare your deeds in battle with gamers both local and worldwide.


Why should computer gamers get all the badges, points, and achievements! iToysoldiers awards all sorts of… well… awards.

Your Army. On Display

All of your wargaming deeds collected together to tell the story of your armies.


Report your battles and track your stats. Earn renown and awards for battle field prowess.


Show off your modelling and painting acumen with unlimited photo storage.


Post the tales of your army or wax philosophical on all things war game related.

There's the Pitch. Join iToysoldiers.

So there’s my pitch. I made iToysoldiers ‘cause I thought the idea is cool. The whole idea is to make our social hobby even more social by adding all the neat gamification bits that we love about computer games and applying it to table top war games. If you have an idea to make the site better please let me know. If you want more games on the site let me know. iToysoldiers is an ongoing labour of love. A love of games, miniatures, and mashing the two together. Thanks for dropping by and I can’t wait to see you post some battles.

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