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ListCrit on iToysoldiers is the perfect place to find peer reviewed and assessed army lists for all of your favorite miniature wargames. Conveniently categorized by meta data and army, you can find great lists to use with your army or review what opposing commanders are using with their armies.

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Canhammer 2017 White Scars List

West Bertozzi Canhammer 2017 White Scars 1850
((Gladius Strike Force))
(Battle Company)
Kor'Sarro Khan… 125 Moondrakkan 25 150 Points
Cmd... 90 Bikes 35 Apoth 15 4 Grav Guns 60 Storm Shield 10 Razorback TL Las 20 230 points
5 Man Tactical... 70 Grav Cannon 35 and Rhino 105 Points
5 Man Tactical... 70...

CanHammer List

((Gladius Strike Force))

(Battle Company)

Kor'Sarro Khan

5 Man Tactical... Grav Cannon and Combi-Grav Rhino

5 Man Tactical... Grav Cannon and Combi-Grav Rhino

5 Man Tactical... Grav Cannon and Combi-Grav Rhino

5 Man Assault Squad... 2 Flamers Drop Pod

5 Man Devasator Squad... 3 Lascannon...

1850 Farsight Enclave league list

Hi folks. Here's what I'll be using in the latest Brimstone 40K league:


Riptide, Ion Accelerator, Interceptor upgrade

3 crisis with double fusion each, Shas'el, Puretide Engram Nanochip, Vectored Retro Thrusters and 6 shield drones

3 crisis with double fusion each, 3 shield drones

3 crisis with...

Zarenkenial's CanHammer Tournament List

Here is what I will be bringing to CanHammer as of now. This could potentially change if/when a new Nid book is released before the event.

Combined Arms Detachment


- Flyrant with devourers and e-grubs

- Flyrant with devourers and e-grubs


- Ripper brood x3...

Eldar 1850pts

Here is my list that I will be using in the 40k league. It has lots of fire power, speed and physic abilities.

2 Farseers on jet bickes with singing spears

9 Dire avengers with Exarch (shimmer shield and power weapon) in Wave serpent with shuricken cannons and holo fields

6 jet bikes with 2 shuriken cannons

6 jet...

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