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Canhammer 2017 White Scars List

West Bertozzi Canhammer 2017 White Scars 1850
((Gladius Strike Force))
(Battle Company)
Kor'Sarro Khan… 125 Moondrakkan 25 150 Points
Cmd... 90 Bikes 35 Apoth 15 4 Grav Guns 60 Storm Shield 10 Razorback TL Las 20 230 points
5 Man Tactical... 70 Grav Cannon 35 and Rhino 105 Points
5 Man Tactical... 70...

1850 Luna Wolves CA Assualt Force

Hey Everyone so am getting ready for a league at are local club that has a nice rule to bring anything well thought this would be a fine time to bring my luna wolves and show it off. List goes simply as fellows

Praetor 180

Iron Halo

Paragon Blade

Digital Weapons

Master Crafted


Space Marine 1000 Point Brimstone Highlander List


Captain 105 Points

Grav-gun, Bolt Pistol, Chainsword, Frag/Krak Grenades, Iron Halo


Command Squad 200 Points

4 Grav-guns, Bolt Pistols, Chainswords, Frag/Krak Grenades

Apothecary with Narthecium...

Lord of Skulls List

So here's my list for the final league game. LBS has been kind enough to let me field my Lord of Skulls for this battle. Yay! The plan is to keep the cultists back and run everything else forward, using the LOS to obstruct firing lanes and start killing stuff. There's four scoring units in this list so not too shabby, actually. It's not a...

Dark Eldar (Featured List of the Week)


HQ 1: Archon (60pts) Haywire Grenades (5pts), Webway portal (35pts) [100pts] – WARLORD

HQ 2: 4x Medusae (25pts) [100pts]

Venom (55 pts), Splinter Cannon (10pts) [65pts]...

First game against necrons

Veteran squad:
Death wing Knights:
Sniper scouts: x4 sniper rifle 1 rocket launcher
Scouts: x4, teleport homer
Tac Squad: x3 Bolter, 1 plasma cannon Sgt: plasma pistol chain sword
Tac Squad: x3 Bolter, 1 flammer Sgt: bolt pistol power sword.
Tac Squad: x3 Bolter, 1 missel...

Luna Wolves 1250 (Imperial Fists)

This list is a competitive yet fun list for a local tournament. Objective based missions and using the newest first new list. I am actually really excited to play this point level as smaller games are very fun and require more tactics. This list should have me forcing my opponent to be reactive to my moves.

Captain with grav...


Death jester- Haywire gredanes =65
Death Jester- Haywire gredanes =65
Death Jester- Stock =60
Solotaire- Cegorach's Rose, Haywire grenades =165
Shadowseer- The Mask of Secrets, Neuro disrupter, Level 2 =110
Shadowseer- The laughing God's Eye, Neuro disrupter, level 2 =115


Ork Daemon Factory

Dreggrod's Black Crusade list 1850


Warboss - 135
- Mega Armor
- Lucky Stikk
- Bosspole
- Cybork

Weirdboy - 70
- ML2

Weirdboy - 70
- ML2


30 Boys - 210
- Nob with Power Klaw and Bosspole

30 Boys - 210
- Nob with Power Klaw and...

Draft: Dark Eldar List for Astronomi-con Toronto

Greetings! So I'm all registered for the Astronomi-con Toronto at the end of April. This is the list I intend to bring. At first glance it may appear to be a bit odd but when one considers the composition rules (and there's a score associated with it) the choices start to make sense. For example: All of the compulsary models in a formation/...

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