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1850 Farsight Enclave league list

Hi folks. Here's what I'll be using in the latest Brimstone 40K league:


Riptide, Ion Accelerator, Interceptor upgrade

3 crisis with double fusion each, Shas'el, Puretide Engram Nanochip, Vectored Retro Thrusters and 6 shield drones

3 crisis with double fusion each, 3 shield drones

3 crisis with...

Dark Eldar (Featured List of the Week)


HQ 1: Archon (60pts) Haywire Grenades (5pts), Webway portal (35pts) [100pts] – WARLORD

HQ 2: 4x Medusae (25pts) [100pts]

Venom (55 pts), Splinter Cannon (10pts) [65pts]...

Luna Wolves 1000 Points

Hey Everyone so as I previously showed off am working on getting the first 1000 points painted am part of the way there and so wanted to show a list i've been working on. Now this one does go slightly agansit my norm for those that have played agansit me since there is going to be alot of foot slogging marines but thought i'd try it out and see...

Draft: Dark Eldar List for Astronomi-con Toronto

Greetings! So I'm all registered for the Astronomi-con Toronto at the end of April. This is the list I intend to bring. At first glance it may appear to be a bit odd but when one considers the composition rules (and there's a score associated with it) the choices start to make sense. For example: All of the compulsary models in a formation/...

Canhammer 2017 White Scars List

West Bertozzi Canhammer 2017 White Scars 1850
((Gladius Strike Force))
(Battle Company)
Kor'Sarro Khan… 125 Moondrakkan 25 150 Points
Cmd... 90 Bikes 35 Apoth 15 4 Grav Guns 60 Storm Shield 10 Razorback TL Las 20 230 points
5 Man Tactical... 70 Grav Cannon 35 and Rhino 105 Points
5 Man Tactical... 70...

Thousand Sons League List

After some tinkering, I think this may be the list for the league:


5 Chosen: 4 Flamers, rhino, melta bomb

10 cultists

9 Thousand Sons: melta bomb, rhino

9 Thousand Sons: melta bomb, rhino

3 Bikes: 2 melta, power fist

5 Nurgle Spawn

Helldrake Baleflamer


2000 Luna Wolves Tip of the Spear List

Hey everyone so I thought of a fun list using alot of the 30k rules and unquie units to them. I wanted to design a list that was competive but also fitted in with the luna wolves spear tip formation. Any how lets get to the list


Legion Prator 165
Paragon Blade
Digital Weapons
Iron Halo


Astronomicon Dark Eldar List v2

Okay. I misinterpreted the comp rules a bit so I've had to redo the list. It's a bit closer to what I normally run and it adds a Starweaver and that's fun.

1500 Pts - Codex: Dark Eldar Roster

Total Roster Cost: 1500

: Realspace Raiders Detachment (40#, 1110 pts) 1 Archon, 150 pts = (base cost 60 + Agoniser 25) + Shadow...

Ynarri Eldar Canhammer List

Primary Detachment: Reborn Warhost (1486 pts)

HQ1: Farseer (100), Jetbike (15), The Spirit Stone of Anath'lan (15), Singing spear (5) - [135]-Warlord
HQ2: Autarch (70), Jetbike (15), Fusion Gun (10)-[95]

Troops1: 3 Windriders (51), 3 Scatter Lasers (30)-[81]
Troops2: 3 Windriders (51), 3 Scatter Lasers (30)-[81]...

WD 10 Tyranid List

Here's a list pulled from White Dwarf 10. It's a 1500 point Tyranid list. Whatcha think?

Hive Tyrant with wings and two twin-linked devourers with brainleech worms.

Tervigon with crushing claws and dessicator larvae.


Three Tyranid Warriors with devourers and rending claws.

23 Hormagaunts....

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