No Mercy

An Ultramarines battle report. Victory against Blood Angels on the fields of Brimstone Games on Oct 11, 2017.

Was a super fun game. He ended up grabbing first turn but didn't bring on all this jump packs units. Let me pick off what was on the board each turn without being over saturated. At one point we were like 6-6 or 6-5 him...I ended up 13-6. I'll post my list up in the next day or two... I changed...

A T'au battle report. Victory against Forces of the Eldar Race on the fields of Brimstone Games on Oct 10, 2017.

PFI finished deploying first for the +1 to the roll off. I won the roll of to go first. First round shooting went very well for me, leading into a good back and forth to T'au tabling the Eldar forth turn. 

A Crimson Fists battle report. Victory against Ultramarines on the fields of Casa Deathfang on Jul 23, 2017.

Guilliman assaulted my Land Raider so I punched him in the face with a bunch of thunderhammer/storm shield terminators. Kept Pedro Kantor nice & close to provide re-rolls & bonus attacks. Guilliman died. And stayed dead.
I also drank his beer & ate his Fritos. It was fun....

A Chaos battle report. Victory against Ynnari on the fields of Brimstone Games on Jun 23, 2017.

I forgot to post this after we played. But PFI and I played a game a week or so back, Chaos VS Ynnari. It was a fun game, and extremely close towards the end. I won by having 1 more victory point, but was almost tabled if it wasn't for my cultists hiding in a hut on the opposite end of the board...