My Death Guard so far

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    Mr. Grimm

    Recently pulled the trigger and decided to buy the Dark Imperium box set with a focus on Death Guard. New to painting...


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looks pretty cool man, nice work.

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Thank you!

how did you find painting them?  Im about to embark on painting up my 2k tournament list DG list.   4 months to do it!

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Honestly, I love painting these guys. they have a lot of little details which make it fun. But you could also speed paint them rather easily as well. Do you have a colour scheme picked out? if I didnt start with this one I would have gone black and Bright blue highlight. I saw it in the DG Codex and love the look!

going with the classic look, gonna see how that goes....i do know which look form the book you're talking about and i also love it. Idk, i think i just really love the classic DG look tho  so we'll see how it goes  i plan on starting this weekend 

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Sometimes you just cant beat the classic look haha. Be sure to post some progress pictures, I'd love to see them!

Good show, sir. They look amazing.