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I tend not to field squads of Trueborns. But I always keep a contingent in case I want to run them.

I know that they come from the same box as Kabalite Warriors but I'm going to create a project just for them. The guys with blasters can be requisitioned by other squads though.


These are some assorted Berserkers with assorted weapons in case one of the cohorts need it. I'm kinda sad that there's absolutely no need to field banners with Berserkers anymore. If I field a World Eaters slaughterhorde the only thing I get out of my 15 points is a bonus on assault results. So...

My Dark Angels army was lacking a display board so I'm working on a low-key action board.  Some of you may recall my snow basing theme - the display board will depict my Dark Angels establishing a beachhead on a bombarded frozen shoreline. I had some pieces left over from half started terrain...