Contemptor Dreadnaught

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I love it when a project can be used for more than one event. In this case, I'm using this contemptor for both the Calth Build Off and Dreadtober (full details here: So this means, that I'm gonna need to give this guy a bit of a priority over my infantry. No worries there. It's a pretty simple model to assemble and painting shouldn't be too tricky.

One thing I'm going to try on this bad boy is some heavier paint chipping using the Hairspray method. I'm kinda hoping it'll work okay. We shall see.

So one of the things that I kind of want to introduce into these Calth models is chains. So I'm going to use this (the biggest of the models) as my test bed for putting chains around the torso. You know, reminiscent of the Khorne Berserker models.

I also want to order (and should've done it when I placed my order for chain axes) the World Eaters transfer set. That way I don't have to free hand the various bits of iconography on these models.

yay! Just placed an order for the World Eaters transfer sheet and the Sector Imperialis large bases (the ovals and rounds for big models). Gonna have a consistent basing theme amongst my World Eaters (and my other various armies - Chaos Space Marines excluded).

Started on the base for this bad boy. I picked up a box of the Sector Imperialis scenic round and oval bases. I know there's some nay-sayers about the product but I don't have any issue with em. Of course matching my table/display board is the really important bit.

In case anyone is curious, this is the tutorial I used to approach the paint chipping:

I think the foam I used was a bit too dense (slightly more stiff than the stuff used in army cases). As a result the effect was mor like clusters of wee little scratches rather than what you see in the video. I need to either find more porous foam or just use a stippling brush.