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Dark Troupe of the Midnight Sorrow


Kharn the Betrayer

One of the mainstays of my Chaos Army, Kharn is so much fun to play.  Go that way.  Really fast.  If something gets in your way. Kill.

Chaos Space Marines


Not enough folks field the Court of the Archon. Such a shame

Dark Eldar

Thus Begins my 40k Chapter for my Knight and some Deathwatch (I Think, or maybe Black Templars?)

Starting my Models on Friday - Saturday Night

Thinking of some Psy Cannons x2 on them and a Halberd and Gun, Flamer and a Power Sword and Gun too


Grey Knights


Waaaagh!!! Tuska

I've decided to start my tuska army, and this is tuska, i still wish to add more chaos stuff and some more blood. So let me know what you think and where i can improve. and i have some boyz and stormboyz being painted so i should be posting them soon.


Shadow War Armageddon Terrain

Such lovely terrain. Hopefully I can get this piece on the table really soon.

Deathwing, 16th Squad

Still a work in progress but suitable for the tabletop.

Dark Angels

Storm Guard "Godhammer" pattern Land Raider

Started to work on this land raider in earnest recently. My co-host Jacen got out his air brush to base coat it Mephiston Red and I just did the other base colours. I've added a picture of the Red Scorpions inspiration (from Forge World's Imperial Armour 3, 2nd Ed., I believe).

Blood Angels

Kabalite Trueborn

I tend not to field squads of Trueborns. But I always keep a contingent in case I want to run them.

I know that they come from the same box as Kabalite Warriors but I'm going to create a project just for them. The guys with blasters can be requisitioned by other squads though.

Dark Eldar

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