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Way down south, at the swampy edge of the bad lands, there's a runty mountain. This mountains is full of the lowest dirtiest and smelliest cave goblins you've ever seen. These boys have hidden in the mountain for years, not making a peep. Sometimes they crept around the swamps at night to catch frogs, but mostly they kept to themselves growing shrooms and squigs for food and trade. Now no one knows what happened but them Muckers have found the fight! Rumor has it the they found some special mushrooms growing in the squig drops that are very very potent indeed. Now they think their hard as...
Roaring, blood-soaked butchers with an endless thirst for murder, the warriors of The Children of Khorne carve a red swathe across the galaxy. These are the Blood God’s faithful: zealots who worship Khorne’s Bloodthirsters as divine beings and who will pay any price to see them and their Daemon legions unleashed upon realspace.
My Army consists of 1 Hq command HQ Squad 2 x Command Squad 5 x Commissars 110 Cadian Infantry 1 x Tallharian Command Squad 40 Tallharian Desert Raiders 20 Carskin 30 Necromunda (20 Goliath, 10 Eashure) as penal squaders 5 x Chimera 2 x Hellhounds 3 x Lemanruss BT 2 x Basilisk 3 x Sentanals 1 x Valkery / Vendeta Gunship 17 x Heavy weapons baces.