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Army Profiles at iToysoldiers help you bring your miniature wargaming armies to life. Linking your modeling projects, army write ups, pictures, and battles together to really show off the work you’ve done on all aspects of the hobby.

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Heir of Russ created a new Army Profile, The Imperial Canadian Regiment. 1 week 2 days ago

The Imperial Canadian Regiment

Not many in the Imperium have heard of the world of Canada, but they fight just as hard as those guardsmen on Cadia. Canada itself is a feral world covered in dense forests, while recruits are drafted from the neighboring hive world. The Canadian guard are ready to fight for their Emperor.

The Kabal of the Malfean Dawn

To the Lords, Generals, esteemed collegues in the Collegia Tactica, I present this humble treatise on the known history and methods of warfare utilized by the piratical Eldar [cult/sect/faction] known as the Kabal of the Malfean Dawn and their apparent allies the Midnight Sorrow, an enigmatic – to be sure – faction associated with the so-called Harlequin Eldar. I am indebted to a number of august personalities in the compilation of this treatise and whilst I am certain that I will exclude a number of those worthy of mention I would be remise if I failed to attempt to catalog the numerous...
Sizzly has submitted recon photos. 3 weeks 5 days ago

Last Stand of the 4th Company


Prepping my army for the Highlander Tourney

Meshiku commented on Shadowsun unbound collection. 2 months 2 weeks ago
Meshiku's picture
Submitted by Meshiku on Thu, 2017-04-13 12:19

I couldn't figure out how to do this normally so i had to make a post and comment on it. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to play some small teaching games with me this Saturday? 200, 500, 750, 1000 I don't mind what we play i just want to get gud so to speak.

Meshiku created a new Army Profile, Shadowsun unbound collection. 2 months 2 weeks ago

Shadowsun unbound collection

Shadowsun, Command-link Drone,MV52 Shield Drone. Ethereal with Recon Armor. 5 stealth battle suits. 4 Crisis Battle suits. 27 fire warriors. 9 kroot, 1 shaper, and 2 hounds. 1 devilfish. 2 hammerheads. 2 broadside battle suits 5 pathfinders

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