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The Imperial Canadian Regiment

Not many in the Imperium have heard of the world of Canada, but they fight just as hard as those guardsmen on Cadia. Canada itself is a feral world covered in dense forests, while recruits are drafted from the neighboring hive world. The Canadian guard are ready to fight for their Emperor.

Shadowsun unbound collection

Shadowsun, Command-link Drone,MV52 Shield Drone. Ethereal with Recon Armor. 5 stealth battle suits. 4 Crisis Battle suits. 27 fire warriors. 9 kroot, 1 shaper, and 2 hounds. 1 devilfish. 2 hammerheads. 2 broadside battle suits 5 pathfinders

Hive Fleet Caldera

A skyblight swarm with a CAD of zoanthrope with neurothrope a venomthrope, mawloc, exocrine,2 mucolid spores and 2 hive tyrants. My more units just waiting to be built and assembled but above is what is complete.

Warrior's of Ultramar

Regular old Space Marines.

Tzeentch's Human Warriors.

This has to be one of my favorite Chaos Space Marine armies. Its Psykerific! Plus it has a lot of ability to be more survivable. I'll keep all you guys updated with actual pics when i get some more time to paint...


78th Steel Legion

Raptors chapter

Posting pics of my raptors, hoping to learn how to play soon

Dendrobates tribe

This are Dark Reapers for my Dendrobates tribe

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