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Malleus Deus Sanguinem, 13th Company Legion XII: World Eaters

The rage of 10,000 years drives the 13th Company of the World Eater Legion to constant acts of butchery. They stormed the walls of Terra. They stood with Angron upon Armageddon. Blood for the Blood God. Captain Orias has managed to maintain some semblance of his company's organization, not unlike it was during the Great Crusade.

Circle Orboros

Warlocks: pKaya, eKaya, pKrueger, eMorvahna, Grayle.

Ad Mech

Legion Astartes XII: World Eaters

This is the army I'm building for the Calth Build Off.

The Kabal of the Malfean Dawn

To the Lords, Generals, esteemed collegues in the Collegia Tactica, I present this humble treatise on the known history and methods of warfare utilized by the piratical Eldar [cult/sect/faction] known as the Kabal of the Malfean Dawn and their apparent allies the Midnight Sorrow, an enigmatic – to be sure – faction associated with the so-called Harlequin Eldar. I am indebted to a number of august personalities in the compilation of this treatise and whilst I am certain that I will exclude a number of those worthy of mention I would be remise if I failed to attempt to catalog the numerous...

Armouredmonkey's Cryx



Warcasters: pAsphyxious, eDeneghra, pSkarre, eSkarre, Witch Coven.

Farsight Enclaves

A Standard mix of Tau Empire and Farsight enclaves models, painted in the Farsight Enclaves colors of red and grey

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