Legion Astartes XII: World Eaters

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So I finally grabbed the full legion rules set (and played a game) and I think I'm going to revamp my list dramatically. First, I want to run the Berserker Assault Rite and that means I need three compulsory troop choices. So... No rampagers and no support squad. I'll be scraping those entries shortly. I'm also going to get rid of the breachers 'cause they aren't fitting in with my new theme (and they can't take chain axes which is unacceptable.) I'm not sure if I'm going to keep the Siege Breaker or if I'll replace him with a Legion Champion but it looks like I'm going to be running three 10 man tactical squads - all of which have chain axes.

Oh, and I'm also going to swap out the legion special rule for the Murderlust one. WAY better than the loyalist version for sure. In short, you don't want me to stay in my deployment zone.