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Show off your table top war gaming prowess

What is it?

Powerful digital tools custom made for miniature war game enthusiasts. It’s the only platform in the world you can use to track all of your war gaming exploits, chronicle the glory of your armies, and share it with the world. Sign up for free.

Who is it for?

iToysoldiers is for anyone who loves miniature war games. With features including aggregate battle results, competitive leagues and tournaments, galleries, blogs and much more, iToysoldiers is the best place on the web to record your battles. There’s also features for hobbyists who prefer the modelling and fluff elements as well.

Why use it?

Chronicle all of your miniature war gaming activities in one place. iToysoldiers makes it easy for players to record battles, participate in leagues and events, and share the glory of their little toy soldier armies with the world. Start your profile now.

iToysoldiers Achievements


Seize the glory. Earn achievements, reknown, and badges for the battles you participate in. Share your accolades with the world.

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iToysoldiers Battle Reports

Battle Reports

Chronicle your deeds. Muse on battle tactics or crow about your victories. Easily share your battles on social media, message boards or your blog.

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Game Statistics


Analyze your results using a huge array of game meta - no matter what games you play.

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War Zones

War Zones

Explore the gaming community near you. Find game days, events, tournaments, and local gaming stores.

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