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Declaring Assault: what's stopping you?

So I've been looking at the assault rules and something I'm used to is missing: locked units in assault. So with that said, and I may have missed it, but what's to stop a player from declaring an assault on their turn by units that were assaulted in the previous player's turn. Overwatch from pistols for sure but the guaranteed first attack is well worth it. Have I missed anything?

Belle River Apocalypse 2017

Today is the day! Deploying the troops now.


Space Marines are getting a fast skimmer? WTH?

Talos: Sorrowsworn

I don't field haemonculi coven stuff very often but I do enjoy the models. My sweetie got this one for me years ago cause she thought it looked cool. It does. I'm working on finishing it up for a highlander tourney.

Dark Eldar

StuG III Ausf G

My third tank from wheels of steel order. I'm particularly excited about this one cause it's my ride in World of Tanks.