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A Chaos Space Marines: World Eaters battle report. Victory against Necrons on the fields of Brimstone Games on Mar 31, 2018.

I claim this as a victory only barely. I was one turn away from being tabled. We ran out of time. 

If DVA remembers what mission we were playing that'd be grand. I don't remember the name. 

We both were rolling like crap. The only reason I won was I got slightly better maelstrom...

so the format of the league appears to be the largest issue of contention. So here's your chance to weigh in. Answer the following question without a ton of commentary. We will do that after the results are in. Should the GWTW leagues be: a) straight up 40k from the book. b) utilize a 3rd party rule set like ITC or ETC. c) something else. Your input will help determine future leagues!!!!
Alas, I'm still out of a job and funds are tight so... I'm looking to sell my Dark Angels. I have the Dark Vengeance models, a squad of tac marines, 5 assault marines with jump packs and five devastators. Im looking to score enough to get the digital codes and the cards so... $100? Most of them are in various states of paint.