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So I played a game a couple of weeks back and something didn't sit right. I decided to dive into the rules and see if I could find an answer. Here's the scenario: My opponent assaulted a unit with multiple units. My unit (Unit A) was assaulted by Unit 1 and Unit 2. Unit 1 (my enemy) activated and absolutely gutted Unit A (my unit). In fact, Unit 1 was able to destroy Unit A to a man. This left Unit 2 all alone in the middle of the field. What sat weird with me was that Unit 2 was then given a pile in move and then allowed to consolidate. They had charged but they weren't activated 'cause they...
So I'm having a moral conundrum. From a fluff point of view it makes sense to put flyers in my Wyche detachment but there's no really good mechanics reason for doing so. None of the wyche obsessions benefit flyers at all. What I want to do is toss them into a Kabal detachment so they get the obsession bonuses for either Black Heart or Flayed Skull (flayed skull almost certainly). There's evidence to support Kabals having their own flyers but more support for putting 'em into a cult. The question: How lame is it to put the flyers into a Kabal for the obsession bonus?
Good morning, my friends. So I've been really wracking my brains about how to distribute prizes during the GWTW leagues. I don't think the current system works terribly well. Cash prizes are well and good but for our local scene the idea that the 66% of the players are paying for the league seems unfortunate. It also discourages folks from playing games in the later rounds when they KNOW they're going to be out of the prize pool. Since the goal of the leagues is to get folks playing games I think I want to move forward with the following: Each league will have a token of some sort for the...
A Chaos Space Marines: World Eaters battle report. Defeat against Imperial on the fields of Brimstone Games on Nov 18, 2018.

I marked this game as a loss. We played all of turn three and I had a 4 point lead on points but as all I had left was a Demagogue and two squads of cultists. Ben had a bunch of stuff including Gulliman. There’s no way that if we had played to turn five I wouldn’t be tabled.