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A Chaos Space Marines: World Eaters battle report. Defeat against Imperial on the fields of Brimstone Games on Nov 18, 2018.

I marked this game as a loss. We played all of turn three and I had a 4 point lead on points but as all I had left was a Demagogue and two squads of cultists. Ben had a bunch of stuff including Gulliman. There’s no way that if we had played to turn five I wouldn’t be tabled. 

A Harlequins battle report. Victory against Space Marines (Space Wolves) on the fields of Brimstone Games on Oct 13, 2018.

I think I just won this game and I'm not really sure how.

So clearly, Kill Team is a very different game and playing the mission is the way to victory.  We played "Prisoners" and I was able to score one more victory point than HoR and even though I was tabled I...