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An Imperial Guard battle report. Victory against Tyranids on the fields of Chief's Garage on Aug 29, 2017.

Quick game before work. I took a similar list to my last game but lost the plane and regular troop squads for 3 taruox primes and 1 more 30 man conscript blob. Tyler had broodlord, swarmlord, couple big genestealer units, unit of termigaunts, some hive guard. He deployed first and went first. At...

An Imperial Guard battle report. Victory against Iron Warriors on the fields of Brimstone Games on Aug 27, 2017.

Was a super fun game as they always are vs Ivor.

Ivor's list included a few squads of 10 chaos marines with a couple heavy weapons in each, two havocs squads one with lascannon the other heavy bolter, vindicator and trilas pred, 6 bikes with lord on bike, 6 obliterators and 20 odd...