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40k June 29th

Anyone down for a game at 11?? 40k 2000

Commander Dante

I've had a small army of blood Angels for awhile now, and I'm going to start bringing them out for 8th edition.

The first model I will be painting is Commander Dante, to lead my marines.

Blood Angels

List builders

Anyone use App based list builders? Looking to add one to my phone. I'm looking for one that has the points value for the units so I can build a list without using the codex. Anyone got a good app? Even a website I can access from my phone would work

40k Sunday? April 30th

Anyone want to play a game of 40k Tomroow at 12pm?

Saturday the 4th

Can't make club day on Sunday, available to play a game Saturday morning. 10-1030 start time - 40k 1850 pts