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Game Today or tomorrow... Dec 10-11

Hi folks - anybody up for a game later today or tomorrow? Want to try out some ideas I got from Traitor's Hate...

Game during US Thanksgiving

Anybody free for some 40K mayhem this coming Thursday or Friday? Canucklehead

Da Boyz GT report

Hi Guys. This is the first installment of my report out on Da Boyz GT. 8 games played over 3 days. The first three were doubles. Doubles rules: anything goes! My list: Tau empire Buffmander 2 minimum squads of fire warriors 2 squads of 6 pathfinders 1 stormsurge with interceptor and sky fire 4 crisis suits with target lock and double missile pods My partner (Eric Probst, great guy) played Tau as well Ethereal riptide x 2 2 min squads of pathfinders 3 broadsides with high yield missile pods and 4 missile drones formation: drone-net 2 squads of 4 gun drones 2 squads of 4 marker drones Game one...

Looking for a Sunday game, May 22nd...

Yep, the Canucklehead is actually looking for a game tomorrow at Brimstone, starting at noon sharp - Bobby told me to get there right at opening to ensure I got a table. Looking to throw down with my Tau in a hard core game, but open to just about anything. I haven't gamed in AGES. Any takers? Please? Submissions close by midnight tonight...

1850 40K Ork list

Here's an Ork list I came up with using my currently painted models. I think it should do OK against most armies - anti-horde will give it problems though.

Warboss, bike, lucky stikk, power klaw, bosspole

30 ork boyz with shootas, 3 rokkits, nob with power klaw and bosspole

30 ork boyz with shootas, 3 rokkits, nob with...