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Buying Sisters of Silence

For those who've purchased the Burning of Prospero box, I'm rather interested in purchasing the five Sisters of Silence that came with it. I would prefer it if they were unbuilt and unpainted, but I'm not too picky. Please message me so that we can work out some kind of deal.


I have good news and bad news for my readers this week, and I will start with the bad news.Bad NewsAs some of you may know, I have a notorious lack of focus when it comes to projects. I haven't really been posting a lot in regards to my Dalek project and for that I apologize.The project is still ongoing, it might be relegated to "back burner" status until I sort things out, especially in regard to obtaining the models for the project. Suffice to say if I were to build a Dalek force with the miniatures I want to use, it would not be feasible with my budget. Though I am considering a few...

Deciding on a Legion

I have been real indecisvie once again. I am having troubles really settling on a Great Crusade-era Space Marine Legion I want to collect. My original plan was to read the Horus Heresy novels to get a feel for the character of each legion before deciding. Seven novels in, I realize that's not exactly feasible. Of course I'll continue reading the books because I enjoy them. Afterwards, I decided to do a little bit of a process of elimination. I've come to the following conclusions. - I want to collect a Loyalist Legion. - The Legion in question needs to be at least halfway considerate for...

4/24/2016 Progress Report

I apologize profusely for not posting anything in a long while as there has not been much to discuss!I've been thinking about doing bi-weekly progress reports to introduce more content to the blog, as well as giving me deadlines for modelling, painting, etc.This week I'll be discussing my Daleks. Since my last post, I have painted ten Dalek drones and a Strategist. They will serve as "counts-as" Necron Immortals and...

Daleks WIP - Painting

So I woke up this morning and decided to work on some of my Daleks.I did do some preparation work on the figures the other night, sanding down mold lines and filling some gaps in the armor plates with Green Stuff. I had to wait a day for the weather to clear up, but I did get to priming them this morning. I used Army Painter White Matte Spray...