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Primaris Marines

8 of the little bastards done so far. 14 more to go

6/19/17 game

Anyone interested in a game today. was supposed to play but it fell through. text me 226-260-6366 2k 8th edition preferred but anything is possible

XIII Primarch

Took a long time to get this guy done, in the process I managed to lose his belt and left shoulder plate. GW was nice enough to send me a shoulder replacement but I did not want to hassel them twice for the belt, i will find something to replace it with.


A few things (dark Imperium box set, triumvirate of the primarch)

Howdy, I am looking to see if anyone wants to split on the dark imperium box set with me. I am looking to keep only the book and the ultramarines. We can discuss how much each person will pay and get it preordered. Or if anyone is interested: I purchased the triumvirate of the primarch set and do not need voldus or cypher. Let me know if anyone is interested.

Game during the day 05-10 to 05-14

I am off until next monday and would like to play any 1850 fun/competitive games if anyone is around. Preferably during the hours of 11am-2pm but I may be good for some later games as well, especially if the weather is crap. Let me know, thanks.