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Anyone playing Age of Sigmar?

Has anyone at the club played this lately? Enough time has passed and was curious. Haven't been on here much to check and haven't played even longer. I just noticed the archaeon model and was wowed by it and its massive size. Has the club created any house rules for AoS? Has the club day calendar for future dates disappeared? There used to be a bunch of posts with future dates that would open prior to next club day for games.

Age of Sigmar

I'm sure by now everyone has seen the new models for the Age of Sigmar. what is you opinion on the new empire figures and the fact that they are on round bases.

Horus Heresy Wordbearers...

I am really getting into the HH word bearer models from FW. After seeing the new pics of the blade slaves and chaos knight, it's reall tough not to want to make an 30K army. Anyone know what special rules the Word bearers have? I also noticed that the new models are on terminator sized bases.

Chosen Realms website down?

Anyone know when the website will be back up? It has been down for a couple of days now.