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Skaven Army (spire of Dawn)

Got all the Skaven Assembled

40 Clan rats,

2 Orge Rats


2x Weapon Teams


2 colours on most of them

Age of Sigmar: Skaven

Battle Table is DONE!

Here is the Folding Battle table my Son and I build for the spare bedroom

Where to Start an Army?

This is a Pretty wide / bode one but what is a Nice Army for Age of Sigmar? my Son is into Orc's aka Greenskins and was thinking of the skaven or someone to play against him and/or battle in a tournament if possible and looking for any suggestion Going to go grab the " The Generals Handbook" tomorrrow Thanks Guys/Gals

Circle of Orboros - Battle Box

Just got my Circle starter kit - Prime them tomorrow

After I finish my 4x4 Battle folding Table today with SON

Circle Orboros

Display Shelf with some LED Strip lighting!

Go Big or Go HOME!