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8th Edition Online List Builder

As I was looking online for a template to write down a list I stumbled upon this little gem. All factions are on it, customization options and detachments are there, and it is free. It can be a little wonky but it works. The site is:!/rosterCreator Best way to keep the list is go to Print Preview and download the image.

Afternoon Games

I'm free the next few afternoons and would like to try out 8th edition. If anyone wants to play a game let me know

Canadian Sentinal

Still not the greatest at free handing, but the leaf could have been worse. Weapons are magnetized for convenience.

Astra Militarum

Commissar Isaac Brock

Astra Militarum

The Imperial Canadian Regiment

Not many in the Imperium have heard of the world of Canada, but they fight just as hard as those guardsmen on Cadia. Canada itself is a feral world covered in dense forests, while recruits are drafted from the neighboring hive world. The Canadian guard are ready to fight for their Emperor.