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Imperium Besieged Needs You

In case you missed my email imploring you to sign up for the Imperium Besieged, I thought I'd also call it out here: The fine folks over at Astronomi-con are holding a narrative event in Hamilton on November 26th and 27th. They're currently a bit shy of folks to actually hold the event and I really really really want to go. So! If you could do me a solid - and you can make it - I'd love to see you all there. The details are at the Imperium Besieged website . Register! Oh! And here's a teaser for you!

Battles are Up!

Greetings, my friends!

After a super long delay, I finally got the battles up for the tournament. Sorry for that. I'll have this little issue fixed for the next event.

Carpe Acies! Rob

Hope Everyone is Okay

Wow! How'd've thunk a tornado would touch down in the area? I hope you folks are all okay.

Greetings and Apologies

Ahoy, Commander!

I'm writing this update to the Summer Slaughter Tournament for two reasons:

First: HUGE thanks to Tyler for running such a superb event. I hope you all had as much fun as I did. The prizes were amazing!

Second: As it turns out a bug in the tournament manager prevented battle reports from being generated (one exception being the first). I've been on vacation since the tourney so I haven't been able to dig into what caused it or correct it but that's what I'm doing now. I hope to have your battles in place this week so if you are eligible for any...

Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself

Greetings, warmongers! So one of the things that I've really kinda done a less than stellar job with is introducing you fine folks to the wondrous possibilities of the site. This is something that I'm working on rectifying. The first step to that is a brand spanking new set of intro emails to kind of walk you through all the primary features of the site. Starting now, all new folks who register for iToysoldiers will get these welcome emails. Now I recognize that you're probably saying, "Rob, that's good and all but it doesn't really help me. I've already signed up and I got your sub par...