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Legion Blighted Nyss Shepherd Speed Painted

With the Mk3 field allowance change to shepherds I picked up a third awhile back. Need it for some lists so thus need it painted. I've already painted this model twice and didn't care to spend a ton of time on it so I just went the quick speed paint route and did this in about an hour. Eh, it's got paint on it.

Legion: Lylyth, Reckoning of Everblight

Lylyth 3 has been all the hotness in Legion since the start of Mk 3. I picked up the model right around then but it's taken me quite awhile to get around to getting it all assembled and painted. Finally got it all finished and I'm looking forward to getting some games in with her. ...

Imperial Assault: Leia Organa

Picked up the Leia expansion pack for IA awhile back with a few others and finally got around to painting it. The miniatures for IA are hit and miss and the quality is pretty poor in comparison with actual miniature manufacturers but it's a board game and hey it's still Star Wars and that makes it cool. I don't take a ton of time painting these miniatures since even a stellar paint job can only make a mediocre miniature look so good but for the time spent it looks just fine...

Captaincon 2017 Recap

This past weekend February 3rd-5th I attended Captaincon 2017 in Warwick, Rhode Island. We had a record showing of players from Clockwork come this year. 8 of us showed up. My friends Andrew, Epic, Case, Sean, Matt, Scott, Dan, and I were all there for at least one day. There was much hilarity throughout the weekend with highlights includingPlaying in the team tournament for the first time with my Clockwork brethrenMany acapella "performances" of "The Breaking of the Fellowship" from Lord of the Rings (don't ask)Board games galore with "Rum and Bones" being the game of the weekend where...

Captaincon 2017 Painting Contest

For the first time I entered a formal painting contest at Captaincon 2017 this past weekend. I had a tough time actually deciding what to enter as several of my considerations I needed the models to be on the table for tournaments rather than sitting in a glass case all weekend. I decided to enter my Legion Blightbringer gargantuan. I wasn't using the model for any of my lists over the weekend and it is one of my better pieces. My entry fell into the Monster/Vehicle category and I was pretty happy to find out that my work had received first place!...