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Any one up for a 2:30 game?

I'm able to play a game around 2:30 or 3 today, I can do 1000 or 2000 points.

Looking for thousand sons decals

To anyone who bought the burning of prospero box and has leftover thousand sons decals, I'm looking to buy. PM me.

Waaaagh!!! Tuska

I've decided to start my tuska army, and this is tuska, i still wish to add more chaos stuff and some more blood. So let me know what you think and where i can improve. and i have some boyz and stormboyz being painted so i should be posting them soon.


Looking for chaos bits

As some of you may know I plan on building a tuska the deamon Killa army, and I want to chaosify them. I figured I would see if anyone is willing to sell chaos bits like weapons, bits of armour, basically anything I can slap on an ork to make them look like the vacation in the warp.

Tuska the deamon Killa

Hello all, I was planning to make a tuska the deamon Killa army. Basically he was an ork who discovered that it was fun to kill deamons so he led a waagh into the warp where he eventually fell into khornes favour. So my conundrum is this, should I go for an ork themed chaos army, or a chaos themed ork army? Also what kind of units do you think would work well fluff wise in the army?