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learning game

I am looking for someone to teach me how to play 40k. i would prefer short games of under 1000 points to get as many games in as possible. I have a Tau army a bunch of space marines and i love the painting portion of the game but I don't know much about the game in general. I got the rule book but it can only teach me so much and I want to start having fun playing in matches and joining tournaments without feeling like I don't have a chance to win due to no experience playing the game.

Shadowsun unbound collection

Shadowsun, Command-link Drone,MV52 Shield Drone. Ethereal with Recon Armor. 5 stealth battle suits. 4 Crisis Battle suits. 27 fire warriors. 9 kroot, 1 shaper, and 2 hounds. 1 devilfish. 2 hammerheads. 2 broadside battle suits 5 pathfinders

Repainting because they hurt to look at!

Army is in dire need of a repaint for uniformity and to save my eyes the blood tears.
15 Terminators
5 Command Squad Units
3 Bikes
1 Rhino
1 Predator
1 sort of Dreadnought but looks like the thing from Robocop to me
I will be adding a Bike Sargent and 20 Tactical Marines to the army when they get in the mail
I haven't decided on a Chapter yet but I'm up for any Ideas. (preferably not smurfs because I'd like to tell the difference between my army and 1/3 of the other armies in the game.)

Space Marines