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Anybody want to buy an unopened drill?? Cheap $12

I got a spare drill (ebay screw up on my part). They sell for $15 + shipping Canadian but I will sell it to you for $12. Pic of drill: Let me know thanks. Here is an example of the normal price on

Tyranids 500pt starting army

Some minis from my very first army. Hopefully will have enough done to get playing and see you all in 8th!
yep that's sticktack holding up the zoanthrope's head smiling pretty for the camera. I need to buy a drill set.


Starting out

I'm starting out and I have a lot of different armies in mind but I want to start one that people don't see a lot of. A big factor for me is playing something unique and avoiding causing same army battles. If somebody can list armies they do not see much of in Windsor that would be appreciated. In the end I will pick something where my heart is at as that's the most important aspect to choosing an new army to avoid future regrets. Thanks.