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Wolves of Terra Second List

Alright so after my first battle in 8th addition and reading over some of the rules a few times over I thought of another list in the hopes that this might work abit better . Now this is still running some of my favorite units but with some changes I had with my first army. In my first list I had alot of elite infantry plus a few psykers and...

Wolves of Terra 8th Edition Imperium Faction Trail List

So First list im going to try out for 8th Edition. Since im using only fully painted minis and those from my Luna Wolves I thought I go for a nice little fun List.For detachments im going to be running the battalion one since most of my are troops. Now since this is a list im designing of course it has a stable force built around a solid tank...

Luna Wolves 14th Company at 10k Points

Hey everyone so its a magical time and I have to say im excited to announce my Luna Wolves have finally made it to 10k. Check it out here at Let me know what you think and hope you enjoy.

The Soban Network begins its full time Media Launch.

Greetings everyone ! Today I am proud to announce The Soban Network is launching 2 new media outlets to further expand some services we provide. For those that don't know currently we run a youtube channel that focuses primarily on game-play, game reviews, as well as some table top and vloging. This has been a fun experiance but we wanted to expand it further by giving people more options to entertain. With that in mind we have launch both a twitter account as well a full time blog in which will give some new articles for both the hobbyist and gamers alike. So check out the links below and...

Gearing up for a 30k campaign.

Greetings everyone today I have a special blog for those of the Heresy and some local fun. So at the time of writing this I am working on on 2 narrative campaigns set in the Horus Hersey. I will be building a narrative in the Athena Expanse a area that has currently undergoing a major crusade by Imperial Forces at the end of the great crusade. If you look to the map above you will see a area call the Marshall Lands a sector of space that finally conquered and is now a staging point to engage the Ork empire of Cithua and the reunite the Humans of the Fallen empire. The 2 main Expeditionary...