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Massive chaos force for sale. Over 7k worth of stuff. $1000

Figured id post this here instead of ebay first. I want to go in a new direction this edition and cant play ultras to avoid a problem with our canhammer team next april, so im seeing about selling my chaos space marine force to supplement the new potential force. I separated the chinaforge items in the interest of transparency. Due to the massive cost of forgeworld items in particular, the chinaforge items included in this lot would price be close to a $1200 alone if they were authentic (which its not,but im not asking for $1200 for that stuff) add in the sizable force of original warhammer...

List building in 8th edition

I was reading an unrelated thread on dakka when somebody mentioned that a person could take a elite from say a space marine army, and simply use it say in an imperial guard as an elites choice. This is the exact quote and my question is , is this the way it works? This was in the context of gray knights having no snipers and taking the assassin. "You can literally just take an elite slot in a detachment and stuff a Vindicare in it. HQ: Draigo and Voldus, Troops: 3x Terminators, Elite: Vindicator. Done. There's a Battalion."

Ynarri Eldar Canhammer List

Primary Detachment: Reborn Warhost (1486 pts)

HQ1: Farseer (100), Jetbike (15), The Spirit Stone of Anath'lan (15), Singing spear (5) - [135]-Warlord
HQ2: Autarch (70), Jetbike (15), Fusion Gun (10)-[95]

Troops1: 3 Windriders (51), 3 Scatter Lasers (30)-[81]
Troops2: 3 Windriders (51), 3 Scatter Lasers (30)-[81]...