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Codex Storm Guard, Formations

Slowly I've been working on my "Codex Storm Guard" project, writing history, special rules, and stories for my homebrewed Blood Angel successor. Unfortunately, GW doesn't have any good formations for the Angels (okay, maybe one, but I'm not buying 3 stormravens!) so I've decided to write my own. I have yet to field any of these, nor have they been playtested. Some are definately quite powerful, but I think they're in line with other formations out there. Enjoy! Skyfall Assault Force Few things can be more fearsome than seeing the glowing contrails of Drop Pods, Thunderhawks, and Stormravens...

Running Events, Part 2

Last time I talked about planning for your event . Today, I'm looking at the running around you'll be doing, plus a few things to keep in mind for the day-of. Preparing the game There’s lots of things you need to consider when prepping an event, and I’ll go over some obvious (though often overlooked) things here. Location Three quick things you need to consider: bathrooms, food, and garbage cans. Regardless of everything below, make sure these bases are covered...

Running Events, Part 1

Running Events As I’m leaving my local gaming community, I thought it was a good time to impart some wisdom regarding event running, something I feel that I’ve spearheaded in the last year or two (though I’m not the only one). This is by no means a definitive guide, but I hope aspiring organizers will find it useful. But I don’t have what it takes to run events! Yes you do. Everyone has the potential to organize events. There is no special degree or course you need to have taken to organize and run games. Every skill you need can be learned with time and practice, and if you don’t have the...

The Final War - Apcalypse Scenario

The Final War—Apocalypse Scenario

The Tempestus officer saw his adjunct’s eyes widen and spun to see what approached. At the sight of the massive, silver terminator the officer clicked his heels and threw a sharp salute. “My lord! We hadn’t expected you for another week.”

The Grey Knight nodded at the officer, who fell in step with the god-like warrior, his peaked cap barely coming up to the rim of the terminator’s shoulder pad. “We have rebuilt and reinforced the capitol’s defences,” the...