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Getting out of the Hobby Sale

My good friend Brandon has decided to take some time off from the hobby and wants to sell off his collection. I'll be posting a detailed list with pictures on the weekend but he has an assortment of Eldar, Dark Eldar, Harliquins, Skitarri, and some Ork and Imperial Guard Ork conversions.

Tuesday Wargaming

Didn't end up working today so if anyone's interested in some 40k hit me 226 345 3276

Thursday game before the long weekend

I've got today off if anyone wants to have a game of 40k today

Talons of the Emperor

Got quite a start on my Custodes Army, I have a Custodes Squad, a Contemptor and a Land Raider pretty much done with another Custodes Squad built and primed. The list I'm envisioning is below and should be 1850

Golden Legion Task Force
Custodes Squad - 5
Vexilla with Storm Shield, Land Raider

Custodes Squad - 5
Halberds, Land Raider

Custodes Squad - 5
Storm Shields/Sentinel Blades X4

Venerable Contemptor
Multi Melta

Null Maiden Task Force
Witchseeker Sisters - 10
Flamers, Rhino with Dozer Blade

Friday Gaming

Unexpectedly got the day off and was wondering if anyone would be free for some 40k, pm me on here or text me at 226 345 3276