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Fantasy Chaos Warriors/Skaven for sale or trade!

I've got too much stuff!!!!! I need to unload some stuff i havn't used in over a year and don't plan to! 24 Chaos Warriors, 6 Skullcrushers, 4 Khorne lords of chaos, 1 Khorne Choas battle standard bearer, Festus, Gutrot Sprume, 1 Nurgle lord of chaos, 12 Nightrunners, Ikit Claw, Queek headtaker, Acheaon on his horse, 1 Mounted Chaos lord, 1 Verminlord, Thanquol, 1 Grey Seer on a Screaming bell, 1 Grey Seer on foot, 1 Plague preist, 2 Skaven Assassins, Crom, Valkia the Bloody, 1 Chaos Sorcerer lord, and 1 regular Chaos lord. Plus if Both of the End times books for these armies if you wish... $...

Good Friday? Who's not busy for a few hours???

If anyone has some free time on Friday, I have the whole day free to myself. Feel free to message me or post here. I'm good to play for fun any where between 1850 - 3000 points.

Magnus' Wrath

I've tested this list at my place with a another friend of mine multiple times over so far. This list seems to be pretty efficient. I've played against Ultramarines, Necrons, Chaos Space Marines, and Deathguard. Its record as it stands are as follows...... wins 5, loses 1, ties 1. Give a look and see what you think.



Warrior's of Ultramar

Regular old Space Marines.

Tzeentch's Human Warriors.

This has to be one of my favorite Chaos Space Marine armies. Its Psykerific! Plus it has a lot of ability to be more survivable. I'll keep all you guys updated with actual pics when i get some more time to paint...