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40k game july 31

Anyone interested in playing a game of 40k around 1850pts, either morning or afternoon or possibly both?

Blasters anyone?

Building an Eldar corsair army and im putting blasters in my list, I have an issue with the blasters I already have as they are just the weapon with no hand/arm attached to it. :( I have very limited space on my jet pack infantry models and i dont want to just slap a weapon on them any creative ideas would be much appreciated, also if anyone has any spare blasters they are willing to part with would be awsome! :) maybe a trade or i dont mind paying a lil bit for them either, anyways let me know Thanks! Dom

competative Eldar Corsair list?

hello again, so I'm trying to make an Eldar Corsair army, one that I can take to a tourney, I have some restrictions though, no bikes, or warp spider allies, I want to make good use of the corsair reavers (jet pack infantry) this is a list Ive been thinking about trying, Command Crew: HQ: Prince w/jet pack, lvl 1 psyker 115 pts ( special rule survivor of endless darkness FNP for free) Shimmershield, Corsair Coterie: HQ: Void Dreamer lvl 2 psker FNP jetpack Shimmershield 120 pts Troops: Corsair Reaver Band 10 splinter rifle 5 blasters, jetpack, void hardened armour 285pts Corsair Reaver Band...

Dark Angels ( green space marines) for sale/trade

Looking to sell/trade up some Dark Angels for either Eldar, Chaos Daemons. or sell can sell each unit separately or the whole lot. All painted to a fairly good tabletop standard. 10 Deathwing Knights(magnetized limbs) 10 Deathing terminators (magnetized limbs) 5 Dark Vengence terminators optional terminator weapons all magnetized 1 Forgeworld Dark Angel Dreadnought 35 Tactial marines (1 plasma gun) 5 Dark Vengence tactical marines (1 plasma gun 1 plasma cannon) 9 heavy weapon marines (2 lascannons, 2plasma cannons, 2 missle launchers, 2 heavy bolters, 1 mulit-melta) 1 techmarine with 4...

Looking for a game on Sat/Sunday Fantasy

anyone up for a game of fantasy on sat or sun (JAN 30/31) wouldnt mind trying out 9th age if anyone is up for it