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8th Edition Plans - Out with the Old in with the Blue

I've always had this fear of change with my hobby. I been a Games Workshop hobbiest for about 25 years now and every time an edition ends and a new one begins I move away from gaming for awhile. I still build and paint but lose interest in the play part. I fall behind and become distant to friends I share the game with. NOT THIS YEAR, even with the change bigger then any other edition (minus perhaps Fantasy to Sigmar) I'll be active. Actually I have already started collecting my new army even before any list choices can be 100% hammered out. For Ultramar! Yep I am shevling the white Scars and...

Space Marine Items FS

Bunch of crap! Contemptor 25 12 cata Termies 75 Thunderhawk 125 Voldus 20 Crawl 30 Cypher 20 Vindicator Destroyer 50 Landspeeders (I have crew) 50 Grav Cents 50 I also mostly have m4 marines with various weapons just ask Tons of paint pots some not used (I replace mine yearly) just ask Everything if it's built ha all mold lines gone. Very nice builds with lots of work for fitting to be perfect. Don't need these models for my white scars (which is already 4k painted) and starting a new army. Easiest to come by when I am free to my home. I have pictures I'll try to post off my phone here -West

Canhammer 2017 White Scars List

West Bertozzi Canhammer 2017 White Scars 1850
((Gladius Strike Force))
(Battle Company)
Kor'Sarro Khan… 125 Moondrakkan 25 150 Points
Cmd... 90 Bikes 35 Apoth 15 4 Grav Guns 60 Storm Shield 10 Razorback TL Las 20 230 points
5 Man Tactical... 70 Grav Cannon 35 and Rhino 105 Points
5 Man Tactical... 70...

Lvo day 1

Day one at lvo.... I'll go into more detail when back home but my first game I lost against genestealers/4 tyrants... They rolled amazing including like 5 first turn charges and having first turn. I did manage to kill all hive tyrants and score some points....Had a chance to win but lost my last bike holding an objective....Honestly we both agreed we never seen someone roll as good as him. Basically this put me in the bottom poll....So I decided to start drinking....Lol Game 2 I tabled eldar....Wrath knight, 2 d servants, 6 spiders and jet bikes. I always do well against eldar Game 3 should...