reap the rewards of your miniature wargaming exploits

Available Decorations


iToysoldiers achievements recognize your miniature wargaming accomplishments. Whether your focus is narrative, gaming, or modeling you’ll gain rewards for your endeavors. Why should the ‘puter gamers have all the fun. We were here first!


Track your progress through the ranks with iToysoldiers Renown. Every battle you fight, every model you paint, every achievement you earn generates renown. Compare yours to other players in the area and the world and strive to become an epic wargamer.


Work in Progress: Medals represent specific milestones in your quest to become a wargamer to be feared and respected. There are two types of medals: Rank – think of this as a level counter and Career – medals designed to reflect your focus on a particular element of the miniature wargaming hobby.


Bringing all the Decorations together are the leaderboards. See how you rank in all sorts of categories: Battle Score, Achievements, Renown and more to come. Do you have what it takes to become number one?

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