2017 Final 7th Highlander

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Player VP Victory Defeat Draw
Tau Empire
66 3 0 0
53 2 0 1
55 2 1 0
Dark Angels
44 2 1 0
Ryan Gillies
64 1 1 1
34 1 2 0
Ivor Chandler
Chaos Space Marines
39 1 1 0
Kevin Giroux
Imperial Guard
30 0 1 2
Dark Eldar
27 0 3 0
shady geoff
Imperial Guard
8 0 2 0

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7th edition is coming to a close and though Chronic has an awesome apocalypse event lined up in a few weeks, Ivor and I have decided to run a fun Highlander tournament as another send-off to 7th. This is a tournament to really challenge you as all those precious formations we all know and love can't be used. You like spamming Eldar jetbikes (I'm looking at you Ryan :p), or other jerk things like my Flyrants? Not here ya don't, SUCKAAA! There can be only one in a Highlander event and we fight not for prizes at this event (it's free to enter, by the way), but for glory and the right to be the Greatest Windsor Table Warrior! Here is all the information you need to know:

Tournament Time and Location
-This event will held at Brimstone Games, Sunday, June 4th. The schedule will be roughly 9AM to 7PM. I will post a more comprehensive schedule after discussing it with Sean.

Army Composition
-Lists are to be no more than 1500 points.
-A maximum of 3 detachments (non Decurion) can be used to form your list. Originally was pure CAD with allies but does not allow for harleys and skitari and custodes to play. Plus, the crazy formations really can't be used since the rule below prevents it.
-THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE! In this unique event, a unit may only be selected once as part of your roster. No duplicating! You ARE allowed to duplicate Troops choices one time each, provided that you have taken at least 1 of ALL your available Troops choices including dedicated transports. Things like 3 different Land Raider variants is also not allowed. We are expecting some common sense on that last one and some respect for the intent of the event. If you are unsure about a certain choice, please feel free to message myself (Zarenkenial) or Ivor (Canucklehead) for approval.
-No Lord of War units may be taken. This includes Imperial Knights.
-No Named characters may be taken.
-There is no longer a Psyker limit as the worrisome Psykers can't be used. Any summoned units must also strictly adhere to the There Can Be Only One rule.
-No D weapons of any kind may be taken.
-Artifacts are now allowed.
- No Gathering Storm books may be used to build your army. That means no soulburst and whatever other stuff is found inside.
-No Forgeworld units.
-Any rerollable save of 2+ can only succeed the reroll on a 4+

Painting and Modelling
-ALL models are expected to be, what you see is what you get. No proxying, please.
-Armies do NOT need to be painted. We want everyone in on this and we get that not everyone has painted models but, let's try to get at least a little something on them so that the pictures I take don't all end up being gray. Let's also bear in mind that the only physical prize at the event will be awarded to the best fully painted army which will be decided on voting. The prize will also be super kick ass so hopefully that motivates the lot of ya.

Missions and Rounds
-Rounds will be timed for 1 hour and 45 minutes.
-There will be a total of 4 rounds for this event.
-The player with the most Victory Points at the end of the game wins the round.
-Victory points will be determined through the use of end game objectives, Maelstrom objectives, Kill Point differential and, BRB secondaries (first blood, linebreaker, slay the warlord).
-For end game objectives, each Maelstrom objective marker will be worth 2 VPs for any unit controlling them at the end of the game. This will be the same for all 4 rounds.
-For Kill Point differential, calculate the difference of KPs earned by each player at the end of the game. The player who scored the most KPs earns bonus VPs based on the differential to a maximum of 8 VPs.
-Each mission will use a particular Malstrom mission out of the book. They are: Deadlock, Tactical Escalation, Cleanse and Control and, Contact Lost. Instead of the regular objectives, players must use the following D36 chart:

11- Secure objective 1
12- Secure objective 2
13- Secure objective 3
14- Secure objective 4
15- Secure objective 5
16- Secure objective 6
21- Secure objective 1
22- Secure objective 2
23- Secure objective 3
24- Secure objective 4
25- Secure objective 5
26- Secure objective 6
31- Overwhelming Firepower: score 1 VP if an enemy unit was completely destroyed during the shooting phase of your turn.
32- Blood and Guts: score 1 VP if an enemy unit was completely destroyed during the assault phase of your turn.
33- Hold the Line: score 1 VP if at least 3 of your scoring units and none of your opponent's scoring units within 12" of your own table edge.
34- Behind Enemy Lines: score 1 VP if one of your scoring units is within 12" of your opponent's table edge at the end of your turn.
35- Ascendency: score 2 VPs if you control any 3 objective markers at the end of your turn.
36- Supremacy: score 2 VPs if you control at least 2 objective markers and at least twice as many objective markers as your opponent controls at the end of your turn.

NOTE: Players can use the Maelstrom card decks, provided they have no more than the 18 total Maelstrom objectives above and must remember that there are no D3 scoring opportunities and must use the adjusted points as shown above.

-2 identical copies of your list are expected to be presented. 1 is for us TO's and the other is for you and your opponents. If your list fails to meet the Army Comp, you will be penalized by battle score in an amount deemed appropriate.
-Games are expected to be completed in the allotted time. Players who think they will go over the time limit must inform a TO asap. 5 turns is the absolute minimum and should a game end before that, players may be subjected to battle score penalties.
-If there is a rules debate, players must first be sure to check the BRB and GW official FAQs thoroughly first (a copy of the GW FAQ will be available). If a consensus can't be reached, you may then call over a TO.
-We are a cool group of guys and I don't expect any issues but, if there is any unnecessary fighting (verbal or physical), willing cheating or purposeful slow play, you may be asked to leave.

That should be about it folks! If you have any questions or comments, please write in the comment section here or feel free to send a PM to myself (Zarenkenial) or Ivor (Canucklehead). We are looking forward to seeing all you guys there!


Not very 7th edition if only CADs are allowed. Anyway, a rule query: Ynnari. Are any models that can take the Ynnari faction allowed in the CAD or do they have to have the same sub-faction?

For example: can Ynnari/Dark Eldar and Ynnari/harlequins be part of the same Ynnari CAD if both types accept the benefits and restrictions of Strength from Death.

i dont think ynnari are allowed at all, the rules state the 3 gathering storm books are not allowed. I asked him about it yesterday because the reborn warhost IS a CAD, and its easier to carpet ban things than have to make a million exceptions (as it should be , soulburst is ridiculous and the marine flavoured books have easy to make deathstars in a CAD format).

(Reply to #2)

Oh. Well that's unfortunate.

is forgeworld allowed?

No. forgeworld is not allowed. Ill make the amendment after work.

"How ironic it is that, as fast as we spread progress and hope throughout the galaxy, the Tyranids spread death and despair." -AUN'SHI OF VIOR'LA

Can I run a squadron of say three leman Russ tanks or does that count as duplicates, if that does count as duplicates does changing the main weapons of the tanks so that each tank has a different gun in the squadron make them duplicates

A puppy bit me today, made me cry and stuff.

Also with the one psyker limit, that only effects the amount of say librarians you can bring right, but does that rule effect brotherhood of psykers like a grey knight terminator squad (if it does, the grey knights can't be used as an army)

A puppy bit me today, made me cry and stuff.

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As i understand it, the rules effectively dont allow tzeentch, demons or gray knights because of the 1 caster per army limit. Id asked earlier about taking a squad upgrade to some guardians (a warlock), and it would not be legal due to me taking a farseer.

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First off, the Leman Russ squadron is one choice so it is legal under Highlander rules. Next, the psyker thing. I know it's harsh, but frankly it's the only way to prevent the unkillable psyker units that can be put together. Does it hurt Eldar? Yeah, it does - but frankly it's necessary.

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So the highlander concept in this context is based on units? Is that to say, then, that dedicated transports are part of the unit for army selection and therefor I can take two of the same kind in different units?