2017 Final 7th Highlander

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Player VP Victory Defeat Draw
Tau Empire
66 3 0 0
53 2 0 1
55 2 1 0
Dark Angels
44 2 1 0
Ryan Gillies
64 1 1 1
34 1 2 0
Ivor Chandler
Chaos Space Marines
39 1 1 0
Kevin Giroux
Imperial Guard
30 0 1 2
Dark Eldar
27 0 3 0
shady geoff
Imperial Guard
8 0 2 0

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Not very 7th edition if only CADs are allowed. Anyway, a rule query: Ynnari. Are any models that can take the Ynnari faction allowed in the CAD or do they have to have the same sub-faction?

For example: can Ynnari/Dark Eldar and Ynnari/harlequins be part of the same Ynnari CAD if both types accept the benefits and restrictions of Strength from Death.

i dont think ynnari are allowed at all, the rules state the 3 gathering storm books are not allowed. I asked him about it yesterday because the reborn warhost IS a CAD, and its easier to carpet ban things than have to make a million exceptions (as it should be , soulburst is ridiculous and the marine flavoured books have easy to make deathstars in a CAD format).

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Oh. Well that's unfortunate.

is forgeworld allowed?

No. forgeworld is not allowed. Ill make the amendment after work.

"How ironic it is that, as fast as we spread progress and hope throughout the galaxy, the Tyranids spread death and despair." -AUN'SHI OF VIOR'LA

Can I run a squadron of say three leman Russ tanks or does that count as duplicates, if that does count as duplicates does changing the main weapons of the tanks so that each tank has a different gun in the squadron make them duplicates

A puppy bit me today, made me cry and stuff.

Also with the one psyker limit, that only effects the amount of say librarians you can bring right, but does that rule effect brotherhood of psykers like a grey knight terminator squad (if it does, the grey knights can't be used as an army)

A puppy bit me today, made me cry and stuff.

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As i understand it, the rules effectively dont allow tzeentch, demons or gray knights because of the 1 caster per army limit. Id asked earlier about taking a squad upgrade to some guardians (a warlock), and it would not be legal due to me taking a farseer.

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First off, the Leman Russ squadron is one choice so it is legal under Highlander rules. Next, the psyker thing. I know it's harsh, but frankly it's the only way to prevent the unkillable psyker units that can be put together. Does it hurt Eldar? Yeah, it does - but frankly it's necessary.

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So the highlander concept in this context is based on units? Is that to say, then, that dedicated transports are part of the unit for army selection and therefor I can take two of the same kind in different units?