Bloody Fists of the Shattered Legion

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The narrative for this campaign has yet to be set.  But it's a short three game campaign between Sizzly and Rockwater.

Campaign Chart

Interrupting the Slaughter

Amidst the slaughter of the World Eaters, the Crimson Fists smash into their lines in an attempt to decisively defeat the Chaos warband.

Break the Stalwart

Surrounded, the World Eaters attempt to break through the Crimson Fist lines.


A savage counter attack by the World Eaters threatens to utterly destroy the Crimson Fists.


World Eaters

The forces of the Deus Malleus Sanguinem have fallen upon the world.

The Crimson Fists

The Crimson Fists seek to rescue the remaining populace from the carnage of the World Eater's attack.

Designer Notes

A short three game campaign.

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Level 3