The Galtor Campaign

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The Galbor Campaign by Tory Stansel-Garner

The inhabitants of Galtor, a sleepy little planet on the Davion/Kurita border, had nothing to interest their neighboring superpowers.  Nevertheless, the manipulations of Hanse "The Fox" Davion and the bitter rivalry of two Kurita Military District Commanders engulfed Galtor in one of the largest battles in recent memory.

Davion planned to lure a couple Kurita regiments onto Galtor with rumors of a newly discovered Star League storehouse and then ambush the Kurita forces with his own secret reinforcements.  Everything went according to plan until five regiments landed and Davion engineers discovered a real Star League installation.  Soon Davion units were fighting for their very existence.

The entire story is available in the "Battletech: The Galtor Campaign" book.

Campaign Chart

Charge of the Hussars

Although woefully understrength, the 33rd Avalon Hussars launched an attack on the Regimental BattleGroup and Gonen's Battalion of the 17th Benjamin Regulars.  The Davion attack might have succeeded if Elazar's Battalion had not arrived in time to stop the Hussar penetration.  With Elazar pinned down, General Mandella could have destroyed Gonen's Battalion, smashed the weak base camp, and trapped Elazar's 'Mechs against the minefields.  A disaster of such proportions might have ended the entire Galtor Campaign in the first battle.

The Guards' Finest Hour

After the withdrawl of the 33rd Hussars, the 782nd Davion Guard Auxiliary was left to its fate.  The powerful 3rd Benjamin Regulars slowly wound its way through the minefields and launched an attack against the fake storehouse and the hulks of the DropShips.  Hidden in their holes, the infantry tried to inflict as much damage as possible on the regiment.

The action simulated here is the 3rd Benjamin's final assault on the fake depot.  Battles with Elazar's Battalion and some preliminary bombing had already reduced the strength of the infantry.  With its close assault ability still intact, however, the infantry proved to be a formidable foe to the 3rd.

Life and Death in the Big City

The 5th Galedon Regulars have smashed into New Derry in five columns.  At first, the Kurita attackers thought that only a battalion of 'Mechs from the 12th Vegan Rangers defended the northern approaches into the city - no one expected the ferocious Lone Wold Regiment.  Nevertheless, a lucky break almost dropped the city into the Draconis Combine's lap.

The 5th Galedon attacked in five columns of about two companies each.  Four were stopped cold in the tangled ruins of the industrial centers north of the city center.  The fifth struck at the heart of the defense in Elliot Park.  Because of poor Davion reconnaissance, the entire column passed through the outer defenses undetected and surprised the Regimental BattleGroup stationed in the park.  Only the timely arrival of a flying reserve saved the Davion supplies and equipment.  If the supplies had been destroyed and Commander William Dobson killed, the 8th Galedon Regulars' attack the next day would have easily subjugated the city.

Decision at Marduk

One of the most important battles of the Galtor Campaign was not fought on Galtor, but on the nearby planet Marduk.  Moroushi's crack independent assault battalion crushed the defending forces on the planet in the early days of the campaign, thereby cutting off Galtor III from any reinforcements.  Until Marduk was recaptured, Galtor was isolated.

Three months later, Meade's Battalion of the 33rd Avalon Hussars, reinforced with a number of smaller units, launched an attack against the planet.  Expecting such a move, Moroushi gathered together the entire battalion to strke when the dropping force touched down.  He did not, however, count on the bravado of the 33rd Avalon Hussars, who dropped right on top of Moroushi's men in a classic hot assault.  The move so unnerved his company commanders that the Davion forces completed the drop with minimum casualties and crushed the Kurita forces.

Had the Kurita troops kept their nerve, the drop would have been a slaughter, and the forces on Galtor would have been trapped without support long enough for the Kurita push to succeed.

Vegans to the Rescue

The 12th Vegan Rangers fought many pitched battles with Draconis Combine regiments during the Galtor Campaign.  One of the bloodiest was the relief of the 33rd Avalon Hussars.  On a moonless night, the Rangers struck the gap between the 17th and the 11th Benjamin Regulars, shattering the defending companies.

To block the penetration, two companies of the 17th Benjamin troops pulled out of line, thereby leaving a huge gap for the battered remains of the 33rd Avalon Hussars to pass through.  The battle quickly turned into a fight for survival for the two Benjamin Regular regiments.

The scenario is the final push of the 12th Vegans to smash the Kurita line.  It was repulsed, but had it been successful, both regiments might have been destroyed.

The Final Push Scenario I

The Raman DMM regiment died fighting.  All three battalions stubbornly battled overwhelming forces before being destroyed.

This scenario pits the ragged remains of the Raman DMM against the entire 1st Amphigean Light Assault Group.  Although the odds are in favor of the Amphigeans, the more damage that the Raman DMM inflicts on the Kurita regiment, the easier it will be for the 12th Vegan Rangers to win the next scenario.

Because victory points gained in this scenario can be used to buy troops in the next battle, a decisive victory by the Amphigeans can strengthen their postion in the next scenario.

The Final Push Scenario II

The 12th Vegan Rangers had one change to crush the Amphigeans, and the Kurita forces had one change to break the Davion line and take the Star League storehouse.  These two aims came together in this scenario.  It was a bitter affair, with both commanders grasping for every advantage they could find.  In the end, the battle was a draw.  The Amphigeans could not break through, and the Rangers lost their change to destroy the Amphigeans.

The Final Push Scenario III

The Sword of Light battalion's raid on the Star League storehouse was a complete success, but the Amphigeans' failure to break through the Davion line sealed the commandos' doom.  Outnumbered three to one, they fought valiantly but hopelessly against the Davion forces.

If the Amphigeans had broken through, however, the Davion forces might have been forced to concede the warehouse to Kurita.


Draconis Combine

The forces of House Kurita.


17th Benjamin Regulars
3rd Benjamin Regulars
11th Benjamin Regulars
6th Benjamin Regulars
21st Galedon Regulars
5th Galedon Regulars
8th Galedon Regulars

Federated Suns

The Forces of House Davion

Designer Notes

This is a direct translation of "The Galtor Campaign", a Battleforce campaign pack by Troy Stansel-Garner.  If you own the book you can track this campaign on iToysoldiers.  If'n you're looking for a copy of this book look no further than "Battletech: The Galtor Campaign" @ WargameVault.

The campaign is intended for two players.

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