GWTW Club Day: February 20


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I would love to enjoy a 1850 morning and afternoon slot game. Competitive with no unbound and no forgeworld. 



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I would like to sign up for all day slots 40k @1850 for fun or competitive doesnt matter to me

Tentatively all day (will edit if that changes)

Slots: all

System: 40k

Points: any

Level: preferrably fun, but I'm willing to throw down for a competetive game


Listen to the Wrong Side of the Maelstrom, a Warhammer 40k Podcast out of Windsor and Toronto.

Im Willing to play in the morning/afternoon slots Might be able to play all day.

Only for 40k. Any points

Was also wondering if anyone could message me on the rules of the club? When it comes to proxy/painted models etc... Also what sort of game types are run mostly? Malestrom?

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There's not rules per se.  Some folks are more persnickity than others.  If in doubt, ping your opponent or post your foibles here and folks can comment that they're cool or not with what you're bringing to the table. 

As for missions: It varies.  Folks practicing for tourneys tend to stay away from Maelstrom but I've seen a bunch of it played.

I am in for any and all slots for the 9th age. Bringing out the wood elves.

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I'm in for morning and afternoon, 40K, the usual.

Any takers vs my  brets 2400 points only cheers 

Id like to play Wes at 10 if possible, get my tourney battlecompany practice on. (officially have the day off now so good to go.)

I'm up for some 40k 1850 in the morning and afternoon. i need some competitive practice.

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