Hunt for the World Thief

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Welcome to Gauis 6, the 24th largest hive world in the Pilgrim Sector. Primary industries were formerly auspex construction, promethium refining, and not much else. Situated at the trailing edge of the sector, no one really paid attention to the Gauis system until it’s chief planet was no longer there.

Seemingly overnight, the entire planet of Gauis 6 disappeared leaving a ring of debris where it’s space platforms and orbital defences had been. Within a week, every politician, military leader, and religious figure two sectors over knew the world’s name. The masses prayed for it’s return, the Imperial Navy searched high and low for it, and the darker organs of the Imperium hunted for those who were responsible.

Three months later, a long range recon frigate found Gauis 6, though it was no longer the planet it had been. Picking up comm. traffic, the hundreds of ships travelling to and fro now identified the planet as “Carnivora,” a perpetual hell of slave trading, gladiatorial combat, and institutionalized torture. Ships of all different sizes, makes, and origins surrounded the planet. Bitter vendettas were fought and finished above the skies of Carnivora, while new rivalries were forged on the surface.

Scans of the planet revealed that the landscape had suffered serious trauma and upheaval from the transporting. Some hives were flooded and submerged while oceans on the opposite side were dried and scattered with bones. Great rents in the surface had opened, spewing gouts of lava across wide plains. Massive internment camps housed the planet’s remaining native population. Fortresses of xenos design had already sprouted up on the planet, and territorial wars had begun for Carnivora.

It wasn’t long before the frigate was destroyed by the nearby xenos forces, but not before it transmitted the coordinates of Carnivora. Battlefleet Pilgrim was recalled, the forces of the Imperium marshalled, and the Crusade of Redemption was launched.

Carnivora had been located outside of Imperial space and it would take the Crusade five weeks at high warp to reach it. By then, no one knew what hell would greet them...

Campaign Chart

Phase 1: Of our elaborate plans

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Phase 2: A wilderness of pain

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Phase 3: Of everything that stands

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Phase 4: It hurts to set you free

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Phase 5: The end of nights we tried to die

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Lords of Carnivora

Carnivora has drawn countless pirates, slavers, and gladiators to the fighting pits and internment camps. Ork Nobz test their mettle against Chaos Champions. Human outlaws barter with Dark Eldar for slaves. Even Necrons and Tyranids can be found on the planet, the former hunting for old dynasty relics, the latter captured to fight in the pits.

Despite the free-trade nature of Carnivora, certain leaders have rose up to stake a claim on the planet. These Lords of Carnivora rally their armies in an attempt to take control of the carnival of evil.

Crusade of Redemption

Gaius 5 wasn’t the most important planet in the sector, nor was it the most well known, but the Imperials are hellbent on taking it back--or at least ensuring that the filthy xenos and traitors don’t have it for long. Battlefleet Pilgrim had been caught with their pants down. Several admirals have left the navy in disgrace. For those who remain, their only way to redeem their glory--and save the remaining populace of Gaius 5--is to launch a crusade to retake the planet.

Alongside the Imperial forces, the Eldar are mobilizing their own assault on Carnivora, determined to destroy a seat of such unspeakable evil and wanton hedonism. Calling on their allies against the Orks, the Imperials have also bartered a tentative truce with the nearby Tau enclaves to help destroy the threat on their doorstep.

Racing through the Warp, the Imperial commanders hope that they arrive in time to save the people remaining on Carnivora.

Designer Notes

Hunt for the World Thief is a tree campaign with two factions: the Crusade of Redemption and the Lords of Carnivora. These break down roughly into good and evil, but some armies (such as the Eldar, Necrons, or Tyranids) could be worked onto either side to balance teams (those ‘nids ain’t loyal to no one!).

There are four phases for this campaign, the mission for each to be determined by the outcome of the previous phase. Additionally, there will be a fifth phase: the final apocalypse battle.

To play a game, post to the forums that you’re looking for an opponent, or message a player from the opposing faction. Schedule the game, play to the bitter end, and post your results to iToysoldiers. It’s as simple as that! Players are encouraged to try the campaign missions, but may play games of any style or points for each phase.

Campaign Points are awarded to the winning faction of each phase, with later phases being worth more points. Whichever faction has the most points at the end of the campaign is the victor. Missions for this campaign have been adapted from Games Workshop’s Altar of War Compendium.

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Crusade of Redemption