• The Galtor Campaign

    The Galbor Campaign by Tory Stansel-Garner

    The inhabitants of Galtor, a sleepy little planet on the Davion/Kurita border, had nothing to interest their neighboring superpowers.  Nevertheless, the manipulations of Hanse "The Fox" Davion and the bitter rivalry of two Kurita Military District Commanders engulfed Galtor in one of the largest battles in recent memory.

    Davion planned to lure a couple Kurita regiments onto Galtor with rumors of a newly discovered Star League storehouse and then ambush the Kurita forces with his own secret reinforcements.  Everything went according to plan until five regiments landed and Davion...

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  • Hunt for the World Thief

    Welcome to Gauis 6, the 24th largest hive world in the Pilgrim Sector. Primary industries were formerly auspex construction, promethium refining, and not much else. Situated at the trailing edge of the sector, no one really paid attention to the Gauis system until it’s chief planet was no longer there.

    Seemingly overnight, the entire planet of Gauis 6 disappeared leaving a ring of debris where it’s space platforms and orbital defences had been. Within a week, every politician, military leader, and religious figure two sectors over knew the world’s name. The masses prayed for it’s...

  • Bloody Fists of the Shattered Legion

    The narrative for this campaign has yet to be set.  But it's a short three game campaign between Sizzly and Rockwater.

  • The Romanov Heresy

    Welcome to Valeron, the ancestral homeworld of the Romanov Dynasty. Started by Warmaster Alexander Romanov the First in M34, the family has been a leading player in the political landscape of the Pilgrim Sector for over seven thousand years. Warmaster Romanov fought against the Green Tide that threatened to engulf the sector and went on to cleanse the spinward sub-sectors in a three-hundred year long campaign. His Dynasty would be a shining beacon of leadership and hope for generations to come.

    Fast forward to the waning years of the 41st Millenium. The Romanov Dynasty has grown...

  • The Red Waaagh!

    Alaric Prime

    The Sanctus Reach System resounds to the roar of the Beast. The Red Waaagh! has conquered world after world in its galactic rampage. Only the valour of true heroes – and the low cunning of a few villains – has a hope of stopping it.

  • War for Raxxus

    The Arch-Arsonist of Charadon is dead. Instead of falling to infighting, the Ork hordes have launched a WAAAAGH!!! without a leader. The Imperial system of Raxxus lays at the doorstep of the Charadon sector and is the first line of defence against what the Orks have called "Da Black WAAAGH!!!" Standing with the Imperials are Tau from the nearby Farsight Enclaves, as they too see the threat posed by the greenskins. Brokered by Inquisitor Lynch, the alliance has been dubbed "the Lynch Coalition" (or "the Coalition Against the Be'gel" by the Tau).

    Striking from the Webway come the...

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