The Romanov Heresy

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Welcome to Valeron, the ancestral homeworld of the Romanov Dynasty. Started by Warmaster Alexander Romanov the First in M34, the family has been a leading player in the political landscape of the Pilgrim Sector for over seven thousand years. Warmaster Romanov fought against the Green Tide that threatened to engulf the sector and went on to cleanse the spinward sub-sectors in a three-hundred year long campaign. His Dynasty would be a shining beacon of leadership and hope for generations to come.

Fast forward to the waning years of the 41st Millenium. The Romanov Dynasty has grown bloated and decadent, more concerned with their wealth and reputation than the well-being of the sector or any of it's people. None more epitomize this than the Planetary-Governor of Valeron, Alexander the Fourteenth, who has let his family's home wither and its people starve while he reaps the benefits of the world's industry.

But no more. The factory workers rose up, overthrowing the dictator and installing a new government, a democratic legislature where the people and the church work hand-in-hand to not only feed the people of Valeron, but to toil in the name of the God-Emperor and manufacture the weapons of his armies.

Not everyone in the Pilgrim Sector is happy with Valeron's revolution. The tendrils of the Romanov Dynasty stretch across many worlds, and even as the manufactorums of Valeron produce lasguns more efficiently than ever before, the factions of the Pilgrim Sector's nobility debate whether such a democracy is healthy for the Imperium. As the politicians argue for and against the new legislature, a long shadow fallen across the world as Inquisitors of every leaning prepare to fight for Valeron. They do this not with words, as the pompous politicians of Pilgrim do, but with fire, blade, and bolter.

The Inquisition--as well as many others, human and xenos alike--have turned their gaze to Hive Xanadus, the industrial heart of Valeron and the planet's capital. The people have barely begun to rebuild from their revolutionary war as a new conflict is about to engulf them.

Campaign Chart

War for Valeron

Valeron's manufactorum's have once again began producing, the people are rebuilding, and the new democracy is in endless debates at the old legislature: all on the eve of an even greater war!


Heroes and Villains of Valeron

All manner of forces have made planetfall on the outskirts of Hive Xannadus: Imperials, xenos, and heretics. Inquisitors are striking from the shadows, or waging open war on their opponents: Puritans battle Radicals in a war as ancient as the Imperium itself. Eldar have emerged from previously unknown webway arteries, routes unused since before the Fall. Astropaths have been dying in droves, their brains fatally hemorrhaging. Those that avoid this fate moan that the Warp draws near, that the barriers between Realspace and the Immaterium have thinned.

Designer Notes

The Romanov Heresy is a map-based, free-for-all campaign centred around Valeron's capital and the surrounding area. Players will submit moves weekly as they expand their territory and attempt to conquer or defend Hive Xannadus.

The narrative justification for Imperial armies battling one another is that there are many varied and opposed political factions within the Pilgrim Sector, as well as the Inquisition. Many have sided with the Romanov family and believe that the hereditary dictatorship is the will of the Emperor and should never be opposed by mere proles. Others believe that the revolution is a step into the future, an example of what the Imperium needs as humanity battles their enemies in the darkness of the 41st Millenium. Still many others fall somewhere in between, plus the enemies of Mankind have gathered to take advantage of the inner turmoil.

Whether you're on Valeron to reinstall the former government, defend the new democracy, secure the vast lasgun factories, recover the many holy relics, or simply to watch an Imperial world burn will be up to you. War has come once again to Hive Xannadus and no one will escape.

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