War for Raxxus

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The Arch-Arsonist of Charadon is dead. Instead of falling to infighting, the Ork hordes have launched a WAAAAGH!!! without a leader. The Imperial system of Raxxus lays at the doorstep of the Charadon sector and is the first line of defence against what the Orks have called "Da Black WAAAGH!!!" Standing with the Imperials are Tau from the nearby Farsight Enclaves, as they too see the threat posed by the greenskins. Brokered by Inquisitor Lynch, the alliance has been dubbed "the Lynch Coalition" (or "the Coalition Against the Be'gel" by the Tau).

Striking from the Webway come the Eldar. They have lured a tendril of Hive Fleet Leviathan to the Raxxus System, hoping to destroy many of their enemies in one fell war. The Eldar are guided by the Prophecy of Hoec, a legend claiming to turn a great evil into a tool against the Mon-keigh. Though they don't fully trust them, the Craftworlds have allied with their Dark Kin, enlisting the help of the Dark Eldar so they may take advantage of their extensive knowledge of the Webway.

With waves of xenos crashing against the defenders of Raxxus, the war has only begun...


Campaign Chart

Phase 1: Harold's World

Harold's World provides much of the food for the hives of Raxxus Major and the troops of Galleus. The vanguard of Da Black WAAAGH!! made planetfall here first, faster than the Imperials expected. They moved to engage the Orks after they had already landed, spreading out to secure as much land as possible. Lictors and genestealers have also been spotted, as well as larger bioforms.

Phase 2: Verge

Verge is a dirty, toxic world close to the system's sun. The Imperium has been mining it for centuries and most of the population are indentured labour. With giant dust clouds and mazes of deep canyons, forces on all sides of the war became lost and frequently ambushed.

Phase 3: Galleus

Galleus is a Imperial garrison world, representing the heart of human military within the sub-sector. It is an arid, martian world, and the Tau of the Coalition find it to their liking.

Phase 4: Raxxus Major

Raxxus Major is a hive world and the capitol of the Pilgrim Sector. In the final stages of the war, Ork Rocs rained from the sky and Eldar grav-vehicles flitted between spires in great clouds like crows.

Phase 5: The Final Battle

This is the final battle of the campaign. The narrative will depend on how the campaign goes leading up to this phase.


Da Black WAAAGH!!

The Bosses and other Ork leaders were gathered in the centre of the encampment. They eyed each other suspiciously, not trusting anyone. If it weren’t for the ruler of Charadon, they’d already be at each other’s throats.

Grimarg approached and the other Orks tightened their grips on their weapons. He wasn’t the biggest or cruelest or loudest boss in the camp, but he had an air about him, a sickness almost. His left arm was encased in iron and ended with a dirty power klaw; his right arm was turning black. Across his back was a massive claymore, the jagged black blade glowing with a purple light.

“Da Arch-Arsonist is dead,” Grimarg said to the surrounding bosses. “Shot by a shoota-snipa.”

“’Umies?” asked a Big Mek, his eye-piece clicking.

“Dunno,” replied Grimarg. “Most of da boyz haven’t heard yet. Dat’s your jobs, keep ‘em in line.” He took a step forward, taking in the surrounding Orks. “We can’t start fightin’. The Arch-Arsonist was set to ‘ave a propa fight with dem ‘perial bastards, and we’re gonna give it to ‘em.”

“And who’s gonna lead us? You?” said a particularly large boss with red warpaint.

Grimarg shook his head. “Nah, you are,” pointing to the painted boss. Then he turned to the Big Mek. “’N’ you. ‘N’ you too, ‘n’ you too. You’re all gonna lead your own boyz inta da fight.” He unsheathed his claymore and held it above his head. “What’da’ya say? How ‘bout a good fight?”

A few of the bosses lifted the weapons and cheered, but one brandished his choppa and lunged at Grimarg. With speed much unlike his kind, Grimarg turned and ran the boss through with his sword.

“We’ve all got a choice,” said Grimarg, pushing the dead boss off his blade with an ironshod boot. “Ya fight me and each other, or we fight da ‘umies!”

This time they all cheered.

The Lynch Coalition

The Lord-General was not pleased to find a Tau water caste emissary in his ante room, not pleased at all. At first he just stood in the doorway and stared at the alien, who nodded to the officer and performed his best imitation of a human smile. The Lord-General left, the door sliding shut behind him.

“Lieutenant, why the hell is that dirty creature in my ante room?” he demanded of his aide.

“Sir, I thought you’d been told. She—”

“No one told me!” the Lord-General roared. “Get security up here immediately. And bring me whoever’s responsible. They’re going to be the figurehead of this ship. That is if the captain can’t find a way to keelhaul them.”

“Sir, I can’t get rid of him. There’s to be a meeting between—”

“On who’s bloody authority?”

“Mine.” The Lord-General hadn’t even noticed the cloaked figure at the back of the bridge. She lowered her hood to reveal a pale, angular face. Her hair was black, tied up in a tight bun. But all the Lord-General really saw were her eyes: flecks of bright, sharp jade. Those, and the inquisitorial rosette pinned at her throat.

“My lady,” said the Lord-General, bowing his head.

“You’re quite right, they are dirty, horrible creatures,” Inquisitor Lynch began. “But like all things in this galaxy, they have some use for the Emperor’s plan. Often the Tau are used to separate the wheat from the shaft for our military might, weeding out the weak and making the Imperium strong. But today, they have offered their assistance against a much greater threat.”

“Your honour, we can’t trust the xenos—”

“You will do exactly what you’re told,” Lynch snapped, “and you’ll start by not interrupting me again. The Ork menace is amassing a force of untold size in the Charadon Sector, ready to rent a hole through the entire Segmentum if we don’t act. As distasteful as you find the Tau, they’re going to help us defeat the Orks.”

“Your grace, you can’t seriously believe—”

“Lord-General, pick a title and shut up,” she continued. “The Raxxus system is on the doorstep to the whole Pilgrim Sector and you’re to lead the defence. So I’ve got good news and bad news. The bad news is that most of the Sector’s forces—indeed, most forces in the segmentum—are tied up dealing with Hive Fleet Kraken out on the Eastern Fringe. The good news is what little forces you have will be mostly Astartes that I’ve requisitioned from the Warmaster.”

“Astartes?” the Lord-General breathed.

“Never say I don’t get you anything nice,” said Lynch, smiling for the first time. She took the Lord-General’s arm. “Now come. It’s time for you to meet our new allies.”

The Prophecy of Hoec

Farseer Ellith was standing on the ridge alone, overlooking the fields of Harold’s World when the Wayforger approached.

Illic Nightspear was shorter than Ellith by a few inches, no taller than the average human. He had an air about him, like he was only half there and half a shadow. Ellith had met him before and she always wondered if he somehow  had one foot in the Void.

"It's done," Illic said. "The Arch-Arsonist is dead."

"Good," Ellith replied. "One less monster in the galaxy."

"The Orks are still mobilizing," Illic continued. "They haven't fallen to infighting."

"I know. It was foretold." Ellith turned to face the ranger. "There is one amongst them, a greenskin tainted by Chaos. He will keep them together and lead them here." She gestured out towards the fields. Far in the distance, a great threshing machine was harvesting crops.

"Where the Great Devourer will meet them." Illic spat on the ground. "I don't like this, guiding the Devourer, assisting it."

"They will destroy the Orks and the Monkeigh in this system."

"The Monkeigh tried that already," Illic said. "A man named Kryptman lured the Orks and the Tyranids together. It didn't end well."

"I am not Kryptman and I have seen the Prophecy. We will guide our enemies to their destruction."

"And the Dark Kin? I understand you've been meeting with them as well."

Ellith looked sharply at Illic. "You see much."

"More than you know."

She turned back to the fields. "The Dark Kin are still Eldar. They have a part to play."

Illic nodded. "As do we all."

Designer Notes

This is a phase-based campaign being run for the Chosen Realms gaming club in Windsor, Ontario. Each player will join one of three factions: Da Black WAAAGH!!, the Lynch Coalition, or the Prophecy of Hoec. Players will independently set up games against members of opposing factions and participate in game days to score points for their faction. Each phase will last about two weeks and will represent the battle for a different planet in the Raxxus System.

Players can play any mission to represent a battle in the War for Raxxus, but are encouraged to try out special missions that will be posted. Each phase will have a victor, and the victor of each phase will have a bonus in the following phase. If taking an allied detachment, players may only ally with forces within their faction. Finally, players will also be able to use the character creation rules to create a custom HQ/LoW character to run in the campaign.

Good luck!

Da Black WAAAGH!!!

  • Orks (and any supplements)

The Lynch Coalition

  • All Imperium forces
  • Farsight Enclave
  • Tau

The Prophecy of Hoec

  • Eldar (and any supplements)
  • Dark Eldar (and any supplements)
  • Tyranids (and any supplements)

These factions are based on armies players posted in the forums. If you wish to participate but don't see your force, please contact Thade.

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