War for Raxxus - Windsor, ON

Warhammer 40K
Game System
Event Type
2015-01-24 (All day) to 2015-03-29 (All day)

Event Details

Players may sign up until midnight on Friday, January 23. Players are encouraged to join the Chosen Realms forums and schedule games through there or by messaging players on iToysoldiers. Winning a campaign phase will earn your team a number of points, and later phases are worth more. The campaign will culminate with an apocalypse game played at Brimstone Games.


Da Black WAAAAGH!!!

  • Orks

The Lynch Coalition

  • Imperials
  • Farsight Enclave

The Prophecy of Hoec

  • Eldar
  • Dark Eldar
  • Tyranids

These are based on folks who posted their preferred army ahead of time. If you'd like to play with a different army, please message Thade.


Level 3


You have no idea how excited I am to see the first live campaign on the site!   Thanks, Thade. 

My pleasure! Thanks for coding everything to make it possible. 


Listen to the Wrong Side of the Maelstrom, a Warhammer 40k Podcast out of Windsor and Toronto.

Come on, Orkzes! Get yer WAAAGH! faces on! We got oua faces kicked in roight proppa on Harold'z World, but we'll kick 'em right back on Verge! Fer da WAAAGH!